Following the launch of Ballarat’s new public transport network, customer feedback revealed there was a gap in the information provided by Public Transport Victoria (PTV). Customers were failing to recognise new services or how they interacted. It was decided to improve the available information by creating a new information suite that gave an overview of the new network.
Client: CDC Ballarat
To improve the customer information suite available in Ballarat.
My role
To develop guidance for Ballarat’s bus network, providing a detailed snapshot of the new network and how it functions. 
Working with PTV’s projects team, I decided to create two route guide brochures which would allow greater detail for each service. I looked at how Ballarat’s road network functioned and how the buses used the network.
The city landscape allowed for an intuitive north-south split of routes. This was in line with street naming conventions used locally. Major streets were split into north and south where they crossed an imaginary centre line in the city. The two route guides would include information on 8 services each. They would progressively reveal the following as they unfolded:
- An explanation of the two route guides.
- Ticketing information.
- Information on regional train connections.
- Detailed bus route maps and departure frequency tables.
- A map showing stopping patterns for bus services in the CBD.
- A full Ballarat public transport network map.
The route guides would be mailed out to homes in relevant parts of the city, as well as being made available on bus services. 
The highly detailed route guide brought together two years worth of exploration into mapping and customer information. It was delivered to homes in Ballarat in 2018. The mailout was supported by large format printed versions of the same material placed in information hubs and at bus stops in the city.
Feedback has since suggested that both patronage and understanding of the network has improved significantly since the launch of the guides. 
Getting around Ballarat spread views and printed detail including: Covers, Introduction, route line maps and local area map. Click to enlarge.
Ballarat local area map printed detail. Just look at that beautiful halftone.
Ballarat central city map showing bus route directions and access points.

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