The bike racks allow passengers to stow their bike on the front of a bus. This opens up options for extending bicycle journeys. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) developed a campaign to raise awareness of the trial and created a suite of information tools to support use of the racks.
Client: BusVic
Stakeholders: Moreland Bus, South Coast Bus, Whitmore Group.
To raise awareness of the trial through printed collateral to be distributed locally. To support the trial through instructional material placed at-stop and on board buses.
My role
Alongside PTV’s design studio, I developed a series of infographic illustrations which could hero the trial across a range of printed collateral. I then art-directed PTV’s finished artists through the creation of supporting instructional illustrations and assets.
The campaign involved the creation of:
- information brochures which highlighted cycle friendly features in the trial areas
- illustrations that show how to use the service 
- detailed infographic information about specific bus routes in the trial
- a poster suite installed at-stop and in key locations within the trial area
- how-to guides, placed at-stop and on board trial buses
- support collateral including, on board information hangers, large format posters for PTV information hubs. 
The campaign and related collateral highlighted the trial, and aided participants. This has allowed BusVic to continue to investigate the viability of bike racks on buses. 

Bus your bike campaign brochure cover.
Bus your bike campaign brochure spread view with instructions and infographic journey plus close up of printed illustration details. Click to enlarge.
Bus your bike campaign poster (above) and printed illustration detail (below).

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